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Black Fungus: Mucormycosis Management and Rehabilitation

Mucormycosis aka Black Fungus was a condition which was unfamiliar till second wave of COVID -19.

It’s a fungal infection which spreads rapidly and damages whole of the upper jaw and in some cases goes into the eyeball socket, it starts generally as dental pain with loose teeth with pus discharge.

If the diagnosis gets delayed it usually leads to removal of all teeth, the whole of the upper jaw, and in about 25 % of cases, removal of eyeball as well.

It creates a lot of social stigma to the patient and his/her family as there is disfigurement of facial appearance and because of inability to eat owing to loss of teeth and surrounding bone, many other health conditions and loss of confidence as well as loss of quality of life of the patient.

So what are the options for these type of patients?

The answer is Zygomatic Implants using The TiiLT Technique which allows placement of 4 zygomatic implants with or without 2 Pterygoid implants and a possibility of having immediate teeth within 5 days of surgery.

The patient regains the lost teeth and facial support using the implants and framework and it corrects the disfigurement also and gives confidence to the patient.

Where can you get this treatment?

This treatment is available at Bespoke Dentistry Mumbai where Dr. Nitin Ahuja (Maxillofacial Surgeon) operates on Mucormycosis patients.

He is a pioneer in Zygomatic implants and does these type of surgeries for these type of patients with a motto - No Patient should be left behind.

The TiiLT® Technique is also a kind of surgical treatment for the following conditions:

1- oral cancer patients with bone removal

2- Failed full mouth implants

3- Long term denture patients

4- Failed sinus lift cases

5- Road traffic accident cases with teeth loss

6- overseas patients requiring immediate loading with implant placement and caps in one visit.

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