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We have GripTM - What About You?

Updated: May 21, 2021

Overdentures is a treatment modality indicated to those group of patients who have few teeth or retained root pieces, completely edentulous with or without conventional complete denture.

According to the literature and clinical experience implant-supported overdenture provides predictable results and a high degree of satisfaction with improved stability and function as compared with conventional removable dentures.

Attachments are considered as pillars of implant supported overdentures. Different clinical situations demand different types of attachment systems to serve better. It is very important for the clinician to have a good knowledge about different attachment systems, their advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications for achieving long lasting stable results.

Recently Adin has introduced GripTM overdenture attachment which provides solution to of prosthetic problems encountered by Implantologist. It is a versatile solution, designed to ensure maximum denture retention and stability both for maxillary and mandibular dentures. The variety of retentive caps allow dentists to choose the required retention level needed for each individual case and can easily be replaced, when needed. The GripTM attachment system is available for Internal Hex platform, in a range of gingival heights, to enable a reliable, long lasting and cost-effective solution for your patients.

What makes GripTM different from other attachments:

  • The low profile of the GripTM attachments are ideal for vertical space limitations.

  • The flexibility of the caps prevents overloading of implants, lowering the risk of damaging the implants.

  • GripTM attachments' angle compensation design to enable use in non-parallel implants up to 40 degree , making it a perfect and flexible solution.

  • Variety of retentions in different hardness levels to fit any clinical need.

  • Dual retention, pivoting action provides resiliency to maximize stability and longevity

  • Quick & easy handling of the denture.

How to select appropriate GripTM abutment:

The Grip abutment are available in various lengths from 2mm to 6mm and diameter of{}. They should be selected based on the following parameters,

  • Presurgical assessment of patient.

  • Type of Implant.

  • Diameter of implants.

  • Tissue height.


  • GripTM core tool

  • GripTM abutment tool drivers

  • GripTM components include:

  1. Metal housing

  2. GripTM retention

  3. GripTM extended range retention

  4. GripTM abutment retention

  • GripTM system components which are used for impression and fabrication process include:

  1. Impression coping

  2. Lab grip retention

  3. Replica

  4. Blockout spacer

We have GripTM - What about you?

Implant-supported overdentures using the GripTM attachment system appear to be a promising prosthetic rehabilitation with good retention in both maxilla and mandible as compared to other system which emphasize more on mandibular retention. The general satisfaction rates of patients with this retention system seem to indicate it being a viable and interesting clinical option, with the potential for large-scale future expansion in prosthetic oral rehabilitation.

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